Mama Chue Korean Ginseng Turmeric 500mL

Mama Chue Korean Ginseng Turmeric 500mL
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The effect of ginseng and turmeric is always very, the more beautiful the skin, the stronger the health:

Help to regulate endocrine, help a lot for you suffer from endometriosis or abdominal pain to months.

Effective detoxification of body, weight loss and detoxification, abundant vitamin A supplementation and natural vitamin B5 sources help to brighten the eyes and increase the ability to self-heal and regenerate the body.

Support the treatment of hyperpigmentation skin, make the skin white, remove the risk of hidden acne. New brown spots develop.

Blurring bruise, acne scar, acne treatment.

Stretch marks prevention in fat women, postpartum …

Skin lightening, making the skin more color.

Lubricate the joints with liquid membrane, help the hair grow long, do not lose hair.

Generate natural collagen of the body.

Rebuild and support the gastric membrane, good for people with stomach pain, or drink alcohol.

Detoxify the liver, kidney purification.

Effective cancer prevention.

How to use MamaChue Korean Ginseng Turmeric Honey:

You can mix 2-3 teaspoon MamaChue Korean Ginseng Turmeric Honey with 250-300ml warm water. You should drink MamaChue Korean Ginseng Turmeric Honey daily in the morning. Morning is always the best time for the medicine to absorb.



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