Umeken Lipopo 90 packets 3.17oz

Umeken Lipopo 90 packets 3.17oz
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Umeken LIPOPO with LPS (Lipopolysaccharide) for strengthen the immune system!

Umeken LIPOPO is the Power of LPS in Strengthening Macrophage! 

The human immune system works hard as the last line of defense against bacteria and viruses. Take Umeken LIPOPO daily as it works hard for a healthier you! 

Umeken LIPOPO is made from refined natural LPS so it is easy to digest. It is effective for maintaining immunity and eliminating waste products from our body. Umeken LIPOPO contains LPS derived from fermented wheat extract, Echinacea, and Lactobacillus (Lactic acid bacteria) to help maintain a strong immune system. 

What is LPS (Lipopolysaccharide)? 

It found in various vegetables, fruits, and grains that grow on the ground. LPS block toxic substances from entering our cells and activate the macrophages. Macrophage is an important immune cell that fights sickness by helping the body to remove harmful elements in the body. Macrophages help cleanse our body and maintain our innate immunity. Macrophages are vital to the immune system! 

LPS works as an immunity vitamin to strengthen the macrophages which is responsible for protecting the body against diseases. 


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