Umeken Corbicula Extract Balls 6.4oz 900 pieces

Umeken Corbicula Extract Balls 6.4oz 900 pieces
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  • Umeken's Japanese Corbicula Extract Balls
  • Well-known for Liver Health from Japan
  • Made only from Japanese corbicula, the best in the world!
  • 100% Made in Japan

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Corbicula ( type of freshwater clam) is known to be good for the liver and intestines. To make the Corbicula Extract Balls easy to take, natural corbicula from Shimane, Japan where is long recognized as producing corbicula having the best taste and quality, is highly concentrated and made into extract balls. In addition to corbicula extract, yeast extract is added, producing a special product containing amino acids, methionine, taurine and arginine, as well as B vitamins, minerals, and glycogen.*

Stress and habits of modern life can easily overwork the liver. A tired liver needs invigoration. Umeken’s Corbicula Extract uses only the freshest corbicula (freshwater clam) in the pristine Shimane district of Japan, a region endowed with rich aquatic resources.


The essential amino acids contained in Corbicula Extract are great for liver health.* The rich Vitamin B12 content in the Corbicula Extract has been found to be helpful too. Corbicula is rich in many nutrients that our bodies may lack, but now all the wonderful benefits of Corbicula can be easily taken by Umeken's ball form.*

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