Sayuri Super Serum Placenta Extract + Hyaluronic + Fullerene 30mL

Sayuri Super Serum Placenta Extract + Hyaluronic + Fullerene 30mL
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Placenta for female beauty salon & fullerene essence
Placenta & 
human stem cell culture extract
Combined with high concentration of human stem cell culture fluid (human fat cell acclimated culture liquid extract), horse placenta extract is combined with W! 

Super serum is a highly functional lotion for beauty salon which contains high concentrations of fullerene in human stem cell + horse placenta stock solution. 

"Working on skin with reduced function" 

It was very difficult with conventional cosmetics. However, it can be done with the latest cutting-edge cosmetic ingredients. 
Super serum adds human stem cell culture extract to placenta stock solution at high concentration, and furthermore contains fullerene by 1.5%. 
These three ingredients demonstrate a synergistic effect, moisture is filled from the inside of the skin, the skin environment is adjusted, leading to a beautiful skin with transparency and firmness resistant to external stimuli. 

From the moment you paint it will soak into the skin and you will feel a moisturizing moisture on your skin. It is a powerful lotion that feels vitality every time you continue painting. Please try by all means.

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