Korean Red Ginseng Extract Gold 50g X 3 bottles

Korean Red Ginseng Extract Gold 50g X 3 bottles
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Korea red ginseng extract” which is decocting for long time and condensed the juice purely, has its own specific taste and fragrance. This extract keeps the traditional know-how of intake and the red ginseng 2g is condensed into extract 1g.

Ginseng(Insam) has been recognized as the King of Herb and is known as a ‘ wonder’ herb for health in Korea for the past thousands of years. The Orient has long considered Korean ginseng to be the most effective herbal tonic on earth and modern science is proving the efficacy of this remarkable, ancient herb. Korean Ginseng has been prized for its reputed anti-fatigue effects to improve performance, stamina, concentration and reaction time, especially in the elderly. Korean Ginseng is not a drug. It is a vitamin-mineral rich food that benefits men, women, the ill and the healthy. Modern science, research and studies have demonstrated that ginseng has the properties of adaptogens, anti- diabetes, anti-oxidants, anti-carcinogens and anti-aging agents.

This Extract is high density red ginseng product, distilled from 100% pure Korean red ginseng, the specialty of Korea, stuffed into bottle for the modern people's convenient taking, to promote healthy life.

How to take: One time a day, takes 1g at a time, use attached spoon and put the extract into hot water, stir well before taking. You may add honey or sweetener for the better taste.

Korean red ginseng's proven efficacy and results There are numerous benefits of Korean Red Ginseng and its efficacy has been substantiated by scientific research around the world as follows:

- Helps with diabetes control

- Lowers blood pressure and prevents arteriosclerosis

- Reduces influenza cases in the elderly

- Helps prevent cancer development

- Strengthens the immune system and works as a anti-cancer adjunctive

- Alleviate erectile disorder and improve libido

- Enhances brain activity and improve memory

- Protects the liver and aids in detoxification

- Improves post-menopausal disorders and ovarian dysfunctions

- Combat fatigue/improves phusical endurance

- Conforonts endocrine disruptor/toxic effect

- Helps maintain homeostasis of physical functions

- Helps prevent and cure stomach disorders

- Helps to be effective in clearing stress

- Helps to reinfore immunological function

- Helps to resist radiocactivity

- Helps to restrain proliferation of AIDS viruses

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