Atomy Men Set

Atomy Men Set
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- Toner 140mL

Nature treatment water that bring rich moisture and energy to men's tired skin. Mild moisturizing toner with comfortable hydration level! They easy and clear after shave they've been looking for.

Natural plant ingredients contains 30% plants complex. Turn you flaky and rough skin soft and fresh.

Light texture allows enough freshness for the next product application.

- Essence 45mL

Intensive care that wakes up the original power of skin by taking care of lines and brightness multi-care for dryness, widened pores, and excessive sebum .

Refeshing hydration and clean finish: Aqua velvet matrix. Water drop network and silky oil components give cool and moist feeling to it 

Friming and brightening function as well as non oily sebum care 

- Lotion 140mL

Natural moiturization that helps re-balance the skin irritated by external harmful environment

Fast care for the stressed and irritated skin with plant complex 

Helps with the skin turnover and skin barrier, takes care of the root of the skin by effictively supplying the skin with calming components


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